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Kyle and Whitney Baker met in 2009 when Whitney's dating app alias was "MustLoveDogs1313." Back then it was Whitney and her first pup, Mrs. Mia Wallace, a boxer and her ride-or-die friend. Shortly after meeting the couple added Marsellus Wallace, a Brussels Griffon, to their pack. Mia and Marcel became the best of friends and both Kyle and Whitney loved how the two breeds made the perfect pair. 


Originally they did not plan to operate as a professional Dog Breeders, they just wanted wonderful pets for their family of six. However, they became hooked and soon added a second, third and fourth one to their growing family.

After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process and mentoring from online communities as well as breeders in the Midwest, they decided to do our part in preserving the Brussels Griffon breed, which led to the birth of our Auburn, Kansas business, Baker Bunch BGs. 
Since then, together with their four children, they have known so much love, joy and excitement! Contact us to find out more.

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Tipping the scales at no more than 12 pounds, this humanlike toy of complex character has enough personality for 10 ordinary dogs. A sensitive companion for discerning grownups, the Brussels Griffon is smart, devoted, and comically self-important. With this breed, you get a big personality in a 5-to-15-pound package. One look into his big, human-like eyes, and you'll be smitten. Griffs come in four colors red, black-and-reddish-brown (called belge), black and tan, and black and in smooth coats (like a Pug) or rough coats (like a Schnauzer). Their black muzzle and whiskers earned them the nickname 'bearded dogs' in old folk songs. The Griff's big black eyes described as 'almost human' coupled with a fringed beard and mustache covering his short muzzle, gives him the air of a worldly, French-speaking philosopher. Griffs come in four colors: red, black-and-reddish-brown (called belge), black and tan, and black and in smooth coats or rough coats. The Griff's body is thickset and sturdy, and he moves with the purposeful trot of a fellow who knows what he wants.  Griffs are alert, sociable, and easily trained. Although playful and energetic, their small size and sensitive nature make them a poor choice as roughhousing playmates for kids. They have a low threshold for loneliness and will stick close to their special human, providing years of love and laughter.

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